Python Module Index

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adc Analog to digital convertion.
analog_input_pin Analog input pin.
analog_output_pin Analog output pin.
arduino_due Arduino Due.
arduino_mega Arduino Mega.
arduino_nano Arduino Nano.
arduino_pro_micro Arduino Pro Micro.
arduino_uno Arduino Uno.
assert Assertions.
atmega2560 ATMega2560.
atmega328p ATMega328p.
atmega32u4 ATMega32u4.
base64 Base64 encoding and decoding.
binary_tree Binary tree.
bits Bitwise operations.
bus Message bus.
can Controller Area Network.
chan Abstract channel communication.
chipid Chip identity.
circular_buffer Circular buffer.
circular_heap Circular heap.
color ANSI colors.
configfile Configuration file.
console System console.
crc Cyclic Redundancy Checks.
cygwin Cygwin.
dac Digital to analog convertion.
ds18b20 One-wire temperature sensor.
ds3231 RTC clock.
emacs Emacs text editor.
errno Error numbers.
esp01 ESP8266 Development Board.
esp12e ESP8266 Development Board.
esp32 Esp32.
esp32_devkitc ESP32-DevKitC.
esp8266 Esp8266.
esp_wifi Espressif WiFi.
esp_wifi_softap Espressif WiFi SoftAP.
esp_wifi_station Espressif WiFi Station.
event Event channel.
exti External interrupts.
fat16 FAT16 filesystem.
fifo First In First Out queuing.
flash Flash memory.
fs Debug file system.
harness Test harness.
hash_map Hash map.
heap Heap.
http_server HTTP server.
http_websocket_client HTTP websocket client.
http_websocket_server HTTP websocket server.
huzzah Huzzah.
i2c I2C.
i2c_soft Software I2C.
inet Internet utilities.
isotp ISO-TP.
json JSON encoding and decoding.
linux Linux.
list Abstract lists.
log Logging.
mcp2515 CAN BUS chipset.
midi Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
mqtt_client MQTT client.
nano32 Nano32.
network_interface Network interface configuration.
network_interface_driver_esp ESP WiFi network interface driver.
network_interface_slip Serial Link Internet Protocol.
network_interface_wifi WiFi network interface.
nodemcu NodeMCU.
nrf24l01 Wireless communication.
owi One-Wire Interface.
photon Photon.
pin Digital pins.
ping Ping.
pwm Pulse width modulation.
pwm_soft Software pulse width modulation.
queue Queue channel.
random Random numbers.
re Regular expressions.
rwlock Reader-writer lock
sam3x8e SAM3X8E.
sd Secure Digital memory.
sem Counting semaphores.
service services.
settings Persistent application settings.
sha1 SHA1.
shell Debug shell.
soam Simba OAM.
socket Internet communication.
spc56d40l1 SPC56D40L1.
spc56ddiscovery SPC56D-Discovery.
spi Serial Peripheral Interface.
spiffs SPI Flash File System.
ssl Secure socket layer.
std Standard functions.
stm32f100rb STM32F100RB.
stm32f205rg STM32F205RG.
stm32f303vc STM32F303VC.
stm32f3discovery STM32F3DISCOVERY.
stm32vldiscovery STM32VLDISCOVERY.
sys System.
tftp_server TFTP server.
thrd Threads.
time System time.
timer Timers.
types Common types.
uart Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter.
uart_soft Software Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter.
upgrade Software upgrade.
usb Universal Serial Bus.
usb_device Universal Serial Bus - Device.
usb_device_class_cdc CDC ACM (serial port over USB).
usb_host Universal Serial Bus - Host.
usb_host_class_hid Human Interface Device (HID).
usb_host_class_mass_storage Mass Storage.
watchdog Hardware watchdog.