Python Module Index

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adc Analog to digital convertion.
analog_input_pin Analog input pin.
analog_output_pin Analog output pin.
arduino_due Arduino Due.
arduino_mega Arduino Mega.
arduino_nano Arduino Nano.
arduino_pro_micro Arduino Pro Micro.
arduino_uno Arduino Uno.
assert Assertions.
atmega2560 ATMega2560.
atmega328p ATMega328p.
atmega32u4 ATMega32u4.
base64 Base64 encoding and decoding.
binary_tree Binary tree.
bits Bitwise operations.
bus Message bus.
can Controller Area Network.
chan Abstract channel communication.
chipid Chip identity.
circular_buffer Circular buffer.
circular_heap Circular heap.
color ANSI colors.
configfile Configuration file.
console System console.
crc Cyclic Redundancy Checks.
dac Digital to analog convertion.
ds18b20 One-wire temperature sensor.
ds3231 RTC clock.
eeprom_soft Emulated EEPROM.
emacs Emacs text editor.
errno Error numbers.
esp01 ESP8266 Development Board.
esp12e ESP8266 Development Board.
esp32 Esp32.
esp32_devkitc ESP32-DevKitC.
esp8266 Esp8266.
esp_wifi Espressif WiFi.
esp_wifi_softap Espressif WiFi SoftAP.
esp_wifi_station Espressif WiFi Station.
event Event channel.
exti External interrupts.
fat16 FAT16 filesystem.
fifo First In First Out queuing.
flash Flash memory.
fs Debug file system.
harness Test harness.
hash_map Hash map.
heap Heap.
http_server HTTP server.
http_websocket_client HTTP websocket client.
http_websocket_server HTTP websocket server.
huzzah Huzzah.
i2c I2C.
i2c_soft Software I2C.
inet Internet utilities.
isotp ISO-TP.
json JSON encoding and decoding.
led_7seg_ht16k33 LED 7-Segment HT16K33
linux Linux.
list Abstract lists.
log Logging.
maple_esp32 Maple Esp32.
mcp2515 CAN BUS chipset.
midi Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
mqtt_client MQTT client.
nano32 Nano32.
network_interface Network interface configuration.
network_interface_driver_esp ESP WiFi network interface driver.
network_interface_slip Serial Link Internet Protocol.
network_interface_wifi WiFi network interface.
nodemcu NodeMCU.
nrf24l01 Wireless communication.
nvm Non-volatile memory.
owi One-Wire Interface.
photon Photon.
pin Digital pins.
ping Ping.
pwm Pulse width modulation.
pwm_soft Software pulse width modulation.
queue Queue channel.
random Random numbers.
re Regular expressions.
rwlock Reader-writer lock
sam3x8e SAM3X8E.
sd Secure Digital memory.
sem Counting semaphores.
service services.
settings Persistent application settings.
sha1 SHA1.
shell Debug shell.
sht3xd SHT3x-D Humidity and Temperature Sensor
soam Simba OAM.
socket Internet communication.
spc56d40l1 SPC56D40L1.
spc56ddiscovery SPC56D-Discovery.
spi Serial Peripheral Interface.
spiffs SPI Flash File System.
ssl Secure socket layer.
std Standard functions.
stm32f100rb STM32F100RB.
stm32f205rg STM32F205RG.
stm32f303vc STM32F303VC.
stm32f3discovery STM32F3DISCOVERY.
stm32vldiscovery STM32VLDISCOVERY.
sys System.
tftp_server TFTP server.
thrd Threads.
time System time.
timer Timers.
types Common types.
uart Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter.
uart_soft Software Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter.
upgrade Software upgrade.
usb Universal Serial Bus.
usb_device Universal Serial Bus - Device.
usb_device_class_cdc CDC ACM (serial port over USB).
usb_host Universal Serial Bus - Host.
usb_host_class_hid Human Interface Device (HID).
usb_host_class_mass_storage Mass Storage.
watchdog Hardware watchdog.
wemos_d1_mini WEMOS D1 Mini.
ws2812 NeoPixels.