14.14. photon — Photon

Source code: src/boards/photon/board.h, src/boards/photon/board.c

Hardware reference: Photon


pin_d0_dev pin_device[23]
pin_d1_dev pin_device[22]
pin_d2_dev pin_device[21]
pin_d3_dev pin_device[20]
pin_d4_dev pin_device[19]
pin_d5_dev pin_device[15]
pin_d6_dev pin_device[14]
pin_d7_dev pin_device[13]
pin_a0_dev pin_device[37]
pin_a1_dev pin_device[35]
pin_a2_dev pin_device[34]
pin_a3_dev pin_device[5]
pin_a4_dev pin_device[6]
pin_a5_dev pin_device[7]
pin_led_dev pin_d7_dev
pin_dac0_dev pin_device[4]
pin_dac1_dev pin_device[5]
pwm_d0_dev pwm_device[0]
pwm_d1_dev pwm_device[1]
pwm_d2_dev pwm_device[2]
pwm_d3_dev pwm_device[3]
pwm_a4_dev pwm_device[4]
pwm_a5_dev pwm_device[5]
flash_0_dev flash_device[0]


int board_pin_string_to_device_index(const char *str_p)

Convert given pin string to the pin number.

Pin number or negative error code.
  • str_p: Pin as a string.