Build system

The Simba build system is based on GNU Make.


Name Description
all Compile and link the application.
clean Remove all generated files and folders.
new clean + all
upload all + Upload the application to the device.
console Open a serial console on /dev/arduino with baudrate BAUDRATE.
run all + upload + Wait for application output.
run-debugger Run the application in the debugger, break at main.
report Print the test report from a previous run.
test run + report
release Compile with NASSERT=yes.
size Print application size information.
help Show the help.


There are plenty of make variables used to control the build process. Below is a list of the most frequently used variables. The advanced user may read the make files in make.

Name Description
SIMBA_ROOT Path to the Simba root folder.
BOARD The BOARD variable selects which board to build for. It can be assigned
to one of the boards listed here. For example, the command
to build for Arduino Due is make BOARD=arduino_due.
BAUDRATE Serial port baudrate used by console and run targets.
SERIAL_PORT Serial port used by console and run targets.
VERSION The application version string. Usually on the form
SETTINGS_INI Path to the settings file.
INC Include paths.
SRC Source files (.c, .asm, .rs).
CFLAGS_EXTRA Extra flags passed to the compiler.
LDFLAGS_EXTRA Extra flags passed to the linker.
NASSERT Build the application without assertions.